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Olive Leaf Benefits - Finding a Medicine Chest in a Tree

Throughout history, the olive stands as a symbol of peace and purity, and traditional Olympics games presented winners with a crown made of olive leaves. This tree prefers a warm climate, and is known throughout the Mediterranean as a source of oil, food and medicine. The leaf is what is primarily used in medicine, and many studies have tried to isolate olive leaf benefits in order to understand why this plant works the way it does. Olive leaf extract is thought to have antibacterial and antifungal properties and is historically used as a fever reducer and to treat sore throats.

The olive leaf has been used since times of Ancient Egypt. It can be used as a decoction, tea, poultice or extract. It is thought to relieve malaria, and boost the immune system. Olive leaf benefits can be used for a wide range of maladies. Studies have shown that the active compound in the olive leaf, Oleuropein, not only helped prevent illness, but also reduced blood pressure. The cardiovascular system is helped with olive leaf due to the opening effect on the blood vessels. This increases circulation to help those with diabetic neuropathy, and can also help improve pulmonary function.

The antibacterial agent in the olive leaf is elonolic acid. This agent in Oleuropein was found to contain both antiviral and antibacterial properties, in addition to fungus fighting capabilities. Olive leaf benefits may be even more far reaching than many people thought, as clinical studies have some evidence to suggest that the elonolic acid actually blocks and breaks down the specific virus in an infected person who is acting as host to the virus. Olive leaf extract also protects cells from being disrupted during a viral outbreak, thus preventing the spread of the virus and stopping it in its tracks.

Olive leaf benefits are still being studied, but so far clinicians and patients have experienced a noticeable difference in the body’s ability to fight off infection while taking olive leaf products. This is a huge benefit for those with autoimmune disorders, as they are frequently bombarded with infection. Yeast infections, athlete’s foot, sore throat, psoriasis, fever, inner ear infection and arthritis are just a very few of the benefits that people claim they have received from olive leaf extract or supplements. Visit with your doctor and discuss the benefits of this natural supplement to see if it will help you.